2019 RULES

Initial Fees MUST ACCOMPANY birds when they arrive.  Any birds that arrive without payment will not be entered into the system and can be sold at the Race Owners discretion.  Breeders will lose all rights to pigeons in this instance.
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  • Birds shipped from Africa or Europe, these fanciers are allowed to ship 1 extra bird for every 4 birds shipped – Any birds still here after 100 mile activation will have an additional $500 USD per bird due.
  • 100 mile Activation Race will be on Sept 1st 2019 – 125 mile race 4 days later Weather Permitting!
  • Races will only be flown in good weather – 100 miles – 125 miles – 150 miles – 180 miles – 220 miles and Final Race 350 Miles – TRYING for an 8 hour flight.
  • Any birds not fully paid for by September 8th, 2019 will be offered for sale for $500. Per bird – Breeder will lose all rights of that fully unpaid bird.
  • All Entered birds must compete in the entire race series unless hurt or ill.
  • The top 100 winners, along with the top 10 Ace Pigeons, from the Final race will be auctioned off on I-Pigeon. Breeders will receive 50% of what their bird sells for in the auction,ONLY IF A PEDIGREE IS SUBMITTED BEFORE AUCTION STARTS. If No pedigree is received prior to start of auction, Breeder or Owner will forfeit their share of the auction money.
  • Prize Money paid out on the 180 mile race and 220 mile race will be paid out In Clocking Order.
  • FINAL RACE ONLY!   Arrival of the first pigeons together will be considered a drop and paid equally – (if 3 pigeons arrive together – the top 3 prizes will be added together     and split evenly among the first 3 pigeons). If one pigeon does not trap that arrived with the first pigeons this pigeon will be considered on the drop until another pigeon arrives. All other prizes will be paid by clocking order.
  • The Final Race will be 350 miles ( trying for an 8 hour race, ) race could be shortened or lengthened determined by weather conditions.
  • There is no dead time – the clock will keep running until race is finished.
  • Race Day is over 1 hour after sunset on the second day from release. If any prizes remain to be paid out, that amount will be shared equally by the birds who returned.
  • If two or more pigeons show in the clock as exact ties, prizes will be added up and split equally among the birds that tied.
  • If bird does not clock due to piggy back or clock/chip malfunction and Hoosier Classic verifies the bird in the drop it will be placed last in the drop order.
  • Ace Pigeons will be verified by the clock, computed on total distance/ total time
  • Average Speed which will determine the Ace Pigeon Champion Birds and will include the 150 mile – 180 mile – 220 mile and Final Race!
  • All birds will be Vaccinated for PMV – Paratyphoid and pox upon arrival
  • A completed IRS W-9 form will be required if you should win over $600. – absolutely no payment will be made without this being done.
  • Any unforeseen circumstances will be settled by Jim Ward – in case of a Natural Disaster, Catastrophic event, or influenza outbreak, race would be canceled, birds shipped back on breeders expense along with entry fees.
  • Hoosier Classic International WILL NOT accept birds from regions under quarantine due to Virulent New Castle Disease.  For these fanciers we recommend using the services of our Breeders Connection Page.
  • Hoosier Classic retains the right to approve or refuse any participant into the race. All decisions will be final!
  • Replacement birds up to June 1st 2019
  • All international birds that are sent to the Hoosier Classic are owned by the Hoosier Classic – These birds can be entered into the Old Bird races by the breeder for the fee of $150 USD per year they are flown. When or if the Breeder of these birds chooses not to enter them any longer into the Old Bird races, they will be sold on the I-Pigeon auction site with 50% of the selling price going to the Breeder. If it is decided by the breeder not to enter his birds into the old bird series, they will be sold on I-Pigeon auction site with 50% going to the breeder.





OCTOBER 14, 2019


March 1 – May 15, 2019

Replacement Birds until May 30, 2019 only!


4 - BIRD TEAM $1000

4 Birds for $1000

$500 Per Bird Due After 100 Mile Activation.
Any birds arriving without payment will not be entered into the race.
Pay Now!
1-3 BIRD TEAM $350

Single Entry fees of less than 4 birds is $350 per bird.

$500 Per Bird Due After 100 Mile Activation.
Any birds arriving without payment will not be entered into the race.
Pay Now!

If payment is not received within 7 days after activation, any unpaid pigeons after 7 days will be sold.

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